Suggestions for Makes and Models of Equipment

Robin Shoaps, March 2007

Makes and Models

Digital audio recorders

  • Olympus WS 300M series
  • M-Audio Microtrak
  • Edirol R9
  • Sony HD-MD
  • Marantz PMD 660/670
  • Tascam HD P2

Video cameras

  • Canon GL-2
  • Sony HDR HC1 or DCR VX2000 (both NTSC, for Europe, PAL may be more appropriate)
  • A good very high quality camera, appropriate for visual anthropologists is the Sony HVRZ1U (approx $5000)
  • Mini DV-Deck (for digitizing into computer)
  • Sony GV-D1000 (about $1000)


  • Shotgun (mounted on camera, above people being filmed if possible): Sennheiser K6
  • Wireless: Shure UC1-UA or Sennheiser ew100
  • XLR wireless lapel: Shure makes several
  • AVOID “noise canceling mics”

Note on XLR mics—these tend to be more “professional” quality, though much less common in ling anthro/linguistics work—they’re bulkier and many recorders don’t have inputs for them (though wireless for cameras and the Marantz do). You can also adapt “down” from XLR with XLR to _” cables.


(attaches to bottom of camera to send one mic to each channel (for stereo):
Beachtek DXA-2S (exact model depends on camera)

Headphone Amplifier

  • (Can buy and get info at music store)
  • Roland makes one
  • Samsung 8



Get Sennheiser, over the ear headphones, expect to pay at least $60. Good stereo stores let you listen to a CD of your choice with various headphones. Comfort plays a big factor in choosing headphones.

Recording Media

(prices reduced if purchased in bulk):

  • Blank 1GB (7 hours, less depending on soundquality) MDs:
  • Blank 2-4 GB compact flash cards
  • Memory Card (comes in different sizes, predominately used by Sony)
  • Blank mini-DV (records approx 1 hour)

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